Happy birthday

Posted: 2020/10/28 in Uncategorized

 Happy Birthday, we are experiencing things in life that I could not have emagined even a year ago.

We are truly blessed it has given most the opportunity to realize, what is important. Primarily our relationships with other people we love, ourselves, and God…

I am 67 years old and what I seek is to be alone, to study, to find the true God who put me here, and to understand why I am here. Thankful for health , having a place to sleep, and enough to eat.

Youth has priviledge and strength of body but old age brings with it wisdom to understand  life on Earth is not for ever.

Life is a journey to a destination no one living has a knowledge of or has seen.

As we grow older we understand life is lived one day at a time. Learning to live in the present. The ”  Eternal Here and Now “, knowledge  that the past is gone for ever and the future never comes.
 My gift to you is the knowledge that I love you and think about you.

God is Love…


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