Saint Christopher Report!


Therefore, the question is how surfers adapted to Saint Christopher. Isn’t Saint Christopher the saint of traveling? Well that is what I thought at first, but then my grandpa explained it to me so I decided to research it.

Surfers became adapted to Saint Christopher because a couple of California boys used to purchase Saint Christopher necklaces at their nearby catholic book store. They would where them, as they became part of nature while traveling through the waves. Therefore, that tells the traveling part. You see traveling by foot is the same thing as traveling on a wave.

The Saint Christopher necklace soon became the same thing as a class ring or a school sweater, and became an item of choice by a surfer’s girlfriend. Surfer’s today still wear the necklace or pendant while they surf to have Saint Christopher’s guidance while their riding some waves, and having fun! People wear it because it is a sign of protection.

Now here is a little history on this wonderful person! Saint Christopher came up to a river and he saw a little kid just standing there because he could not pass. He put the kid on he’s shoulders and pushed his way through the river until he got to the other side. He kept him on his shoulders until he got to the little boys final destination. Although he did this, some people do not believe that Saint Christopher is a real saint. Well why that is you ask?

Well in the 1960s, the priest overlooked the universal calendar. They took some saints out and put new ones in. Some people that that was unacceptable, and those few people still believed, but a high percentage of people stopped believing in him, and the other saints that had been taken out. They believed that those saints were most likely legends. (I do not believe that there legends.)

A little more on this saint. People also knew him as the name of Reprobus. He also was a solider at one time and was martyred for his faith. Christopher lived during the Roman times and proclaimed as a saint in the early churches of that time. His formal feast day is on every July 25th.

Saint Christopher was born in a place called Canaan, which is a religion encompassing modern-day Israel, Lebanon during the third century. People say that he found a hermit one day while traveling who guided travelers across the river. He soon took the place of the hermit, but instead of just guiding the people he would often carry them across, especially if it was a small child, or small children. Christopher was baptized at a church called Christoferro, which then led to his name. He died in c.215.

People believe that Saint Christopher did not have a family, and that he would usually just be out traveling, so he did not have time for a family. Some people believe that he might have had two brothers and maybe a sister, but they do not have enough proof.

Saint Christopher, later on, was known as a cult. A cult is when a saint comes off the calendar. Some people still believe in him, but most do not because he was taken off the Universal Calendar.

Today there are lots to recognize Saint Christopher. There are lots of churches, many hospitals, necklaces and other jewelry’s, books, magazines, and so much more. People remember this saint for his kindness, courage, and of course his traveling. Even surfers remember him by wearing his necklaces while they ride the waves and have so fun!

by Jamie Overgaag

Saint Christopher (Greek: Ἅγιος Χριστόφορος, Ágios Christóforos) is venerated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd-century Roman Emperor Decius (reigned 249–251) or alternatively under the Roman Emperor Maximinus II Dacian (reigned 308–313).


In Eastern iconography, Saint Christopher is sometimes represented with the head of a dog.

Saint Christopher_icon


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