Nomads, Fishermen, and Farmers


Nomads, Fishermen, and Farmers

Would Moses, Elijah, John, James, Peter or any of the other twelve disciples chosen by Jesus be able to make it through a modern Christian seminary, let alone teach there?

Here are some of the prerequisites:

During the PhD program, students will need to acquire skills in up to three research languages, as needed for their concentration. It is highly recommended that applicants begin their study of research languages prior to beginning the program. (Does Hawaiian Pigeon count?)

Applicants must have achieved the level of competency required program in both Hebrew and Greek before the start of the PhD program. If applicants have not yet reached this level, they must demonstrate competence within the first year of the PhD program.

The PhD is the foundational degree program for teaching at a seminary, college or university. The PhD in Theology, the highest degree offered by the School of Theology, prepares students for a vocation in theological teaching and scholarship by:

•equipping students with the essential tools for high-level scholarship
•guiding them in a major research project in the area of their major concentration
•supporting the development of teaching skills

What is theological? = Of or relating to theology.

the•ol•o•gy is:

1: the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially: the study of God and of God’s relation to the world
2: a theological theory or system, b: a distinctive body of theological opinion

How can you study God if God is Love, Light, and Truth? What is any man’s opinion worth?

Students choose an area for major concentration:

Old Testament, New Testament, Church History? Historical Theology? Theology?, Christian Ethics? Philosophy of Religion? Philosophical Theology? Practical Theology?, Theology and Culture?, and Worship and Culture?

Graduates of the PhD in theology program should, (Is an opinion, used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency) provide evidence:

•a comprehensive knowledge of the discipline of their study
•research skills appropriate to their area of study, sufficient to engage in original research and writing that advances theological understanding in the service of the church, academy, and society
•critical reflection on the vocation of theological scholarship, particularly with regard to teaching and learning, and research

By the time a student has finished school they will have spent more than $30,000 in three years, and read a little more than 12 books to make them so called ; Doctors of Divinity.

There are more than 350,000 religious congregations in the United States, with over 60,000 priest and pastors that serve over 133,377,000 Christians.

If I Brother Ron said hi to each of the 133,377,000 Christians it would take me 507 years. (Unless I can live for 507 years it is impossible.)

If I asked 60,000 priests and pastors their educated opinion from their studies in theology” Which church is the true church?” I might get 60,000 different answers.

I Brother Ron want to know who the author of this madness and confusion is. If there is only one God and I am not God, who is, and where can I find this God. Is God in every church?

Can a so called Doctor of Divinity tell me which church is the true church? Should I stand behind 133,377,000 other Christians waiting for the Priest or Pastor to get done going to the bathroom and eating; to give me an answer? Should I go back to the fields and plant the seeds for the harvest and hope God shows me the answer? Should I make bread and wine from the harvest and eat and drink it myself?

What would Moses, Elijah, John, James or Peter say? I wonder if they knew anything about a PhD. Certainly a farmer, a nomad or a fisherman would ever be allowed teach at a seminary in these days unless they got an honorary doctorate because of their outstanding accomplishments; What makes me believe a PhD has or even knows about the Divine Nature or would be chosen by Jesus to guild me to the presence of God?

Finding God and the Divine Nature is no easy task; it is like threading a needle in preparation to sew a shirt that has already been worn by 1000s of people throughout time.

Getting the tread through the eye of the needle is hard enough, and then once I start to mend the shirt; it just rips apart somewhere else.

Only I can tread the needle with divine inspiration and help to sew a new shirt that I can take with me on my journey to the Divine Nature.


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