Book title Page PPTI was Dead Forward…


Warning!… this book is not for everyone… I was born in 1953, that makes me a so called Baby-Boomer. Save yourself some time and money stop reading this now.

I lived most of my life under cognitive dissonance through television, undue influence of my parents, and adhesion contracts that I never signed or even had knowledge of or aware they  existed.  I am a walking dead man by contract and acquiescence . “ I am Dead” (Legally by Contract) If you don’t understand these words, you might be a slave, a living dead man, woman or transgender living a delusional life.

With that said, people I have known and loved have physically died.  I myself am going to die. You are someday going to die. That is Truth…

If you are still reading this, then buckle up. My stories are only my opinion one of 7.5 billion other opinions. These stories and theories will definitely entertain you with the remote possibility you will read something new and learn something. 

Do not forget, Pluto is not a planet any more, we are not from Apes, and social security will not run out.  What is truth?