Student of the Journey

Two sided coin– Balance

On one side, there is a Surfer– Philosopher, Traveler, and Religious
On the other side, there is a Law Student– Professor, Problem Solver, and counselor

Both sides of me are present at all times. I am a projection of a perception you choose to believe about me. I accept and adapt to my environment, which I was born into, not by choice, but by divine will and the mating of my parents.

It is easy to be sucked into the void of others imagination, allowing myself to lose focus, permitting my own imagination to deceive me into believing an opinion of someone else in order to gain the approval of those who innocently and unknowingly believe their own lie.

When I look through the eyes of my experience, I am blinded with the truth of my existence. Now I must chose; I can either move towards the light and lose sight of myself, or I can run away from the light and hide in my own self-created shadows I want others to believe about me, as I deceive myself into believing the shadow I created with my own imagination.

In the shadows I imagine who I want to be, in the light I lose myself and become the light, the truth of who I am.



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