Self Confidence


Self-confidence, who has control and who gives up control determines if a relationship will work.

Some men, who are what is called, “players” know that even beautiful women lack self-confidence. They also know that women lack strength.

These men realize that by being in control while with a woman, by making decisions for them, taking them places she would not go to by herself, displays self confidence and strength in the men that most women lack.

Men know almost by instinct that a woman has a need for security and will comply with a man’s request in order to gain his approval.

Most men want to know more about weapons, warfare, armor, food, hunting, fishing, sports, technology, and shelter then they do about women.

Most Women want to know about relationships, babies, taking care animals, clothing, cooking, makeup, and keeping a home for the protection of her children then they do about the men.

Men want to know how well fortified a shelter is for protecting their women against other men.

Women want to know about other women’s relationships so they can make other women envious of them.

However, both want the same thing.

Men want a woman who trusts him, that will be sexually satisfied by him, and takes care of him and his children.

Women want a man who trusts her, that will be satisfied sexually by her, and takes care of her and her children.

Roles that from the beginning are different, a man works to provide for and protect his family, and a woman gives of herself to provide children for the family.

Control is the issue, who has control and who gives up control.

(Strength, weakness) and (dominance, submission) are the four elements. The balance of these elements determines whether a relationship will work or not.

Broken down humans seek sex for the regeneration of the species, food, and shelter for survival of the individual.

When people are driven by primordial urge to mate, they confuse or mistake lust with love. They wrongly believe there is a relationship through their mating. Relinquishing control by submitting to their urges does not form a relationship, mating will however produce offspring and disease .

The encounter may last for years and as the boredom sets in the so does the wandering begin. Because the primordial urge is seldom satisfied without the foundation of a relationship.

Friendship is the foundation to relationship. Friendship is someone who knows all about you; and likes you anyway.

A single mother is not a widow and if she has children with her last husband, they are not orphans. Both the woman and the man have made bad choices for minutes of pleasure. They both give their offspring a lifetime of guilt and insecurity.

This selfish behavior leads to their destruction and the misery in their children’s lives.


Religions’ are formed around the fear of what can or did happen by nature, or sought after in need of something or in oder to fix something that went wrong.

People think that churches are homeless shelters or rehab centers for recovering children of neglect, divorce, or rebellion. That the church is a hospital for wandering misguided souls.

Poverty, sickness, and insanity are the result of generations of rebellion against God. Religion cannot repair forty years of self-inflicted abuse only God can.

At best religion can comfort and help find the path that will enable lost souls begin a journey to living water.

There is a story of the ten virgins.

women _ten_virgins

The kingdom of heaven is like Ten Virgins, that took their cell-phone’s, and went to meet the bridegroom.

Five of them were wise, and five were foolish. The foolish ones took their cell-phone’s with them: But the wise ones took their cell-phones and extra batteries.

The bridegroom took awhile to get there, so they all got tired and went too sleep. At midnight there was a cry, look, the bridegroom is coming; let’s go out to meet him.

All the virgins got up, and turned on the lights on their cell-phones. The foolish said to the wise, let us use your extra batteries; our light is going weak and we need more power. But the wise answered them, saying, No way, and then we won’t have enough batteries for us and you: Go to the store, and buy some for yourselves.

While the foolish virgins were gone buying batteries, the bridegroom came; and the wise virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

In a little while the other virgins came from the store, saying, Lord, Lord, open the door for us.
But the LORD answered, “Verily I say to you, I know you not.” Watch, for you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of man will come for you.


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