Hawaiian Sand Thieves

Hawaii Sandwich Islands

“Ua mau ke ea o ka’anina i ka pono”
The life of the land is perpetuated in rightousness

Hawaiian Sand Thieves

Nobody else will talk story like Brother Ron so here I go. Hawaii is the one place on earth; I Brother Ron will always love because of the spiritual presence I felt there.
Hawaii has a spiritual presence unlike anywhere I have been. Maybe it is because of the energy of the volcanoes that produce heat 24/7 or maybe it is because of the ocean that surrounds the islands and thunders on the sea shores. It could have been the white owl that flew up to me, hovered in the air, looked me in the eye and flew away, I don’t know.
Hawaii white-faced_owl_arp

The people that live on the island are mostly foreign workers (Kanaka ‘e) from distant lands. Some look like what Matson Shipping called Hawaiians. The tanned skinned grass skirt wearing posers, that love tourist, and their money, our imagination fills in the rest. These posers know they are posers, but I will say this, there are real watermen on the Island. I have met them, and talked to them in the water; they don’t claim to be Hawaiian.

Hawaii Hawaii_State_Archives_image_from_Matson_Lines_1900s

The grass skirt is possibly an invention of the turist industry,and the Ukulele was brought to the islands by Portuguese sailors.

Hawaii Ukulele_wall

The islands seem to me to be in reality a logistical and commercial supper spot; the islands provided in the past a stationary stopping point for tired sailors and an early warning system for a possible North American attack. The Hawaiian Islands seem to be a natural port in between North America and Asia.

What “Puka” means is “hole” in the Hawaiian written language, invented by Protestant Christian Missionaries; the modern Puka Shell Lei was an invention of a merchant who created a tourist fad in the Seventies. All a Puka shell is; is a snail shell half way to becoming sand. That’s why I call the makers of Puka Shell Leis sand thieves.
Hawaiian -Textile_cone

What most won’t tell you are that the Leis are a symbol of status only sovereigns used to wear shell Leis?

Hawaiian -Queen_Emma_wearing_lei_pupu_o_Niihau

Queen Emma of Hawaii is not wearing a grass skirt but she is wearing a Shell Lei?


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