Knowledge from a Warrior

RRiedell 298

Only those who have been there will know where this is.

Knowledge from a Warrior

In reference to the eternal here and now there is only here and now. A warrior does not exist in the past and will not run from a battle if faced with one.

The warrior knows there are no winners or losers’ in a battle. There are only three outcomes of any battle they are:

1. You both die.
2. Your opponent kills you.
3. You kill your opponent and live with knowledge and deal with the fact that you took a life.

At best the warrior has a one in three chance for survival in any battle followed by a lifetime of memories to deal with.

All three outcomes are the reality of armed conflict. No amount of training can predict the result of war.

The only enemy the warrior faces is the fear of death; you’re faced with your own death or the death of a person trying to kill you.

Death is the way of the warrior; he who follows the way of a warrior and picks up the sword finds death in becoming one with the sword.

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. The only honor in conflict is in giving your life for a friend, dying so that others can live.


There is no glamour in war, no honor in killing. We kill for the fear of being killed. An enemy is another man who has a mother and a father, with a will to live. We learn to kill for our mother and our father so they can live in peace.

Let those whose words rings of charge into the battlefield go to the battlefield so they can see the error in what they are asking others to do for them.

Anyone who wants to go to war has never been in battle. Has never seen the fear in the eyes of those around you; and would never survive in a real battle. They have romantic ideas of victory and winning a war without ever knowing the true cost to the soul of killing.

Ask the mother of those you kill if the price was worth the outcome. The grave of the enemies and your friends is the eternal price of war. No one can give back a life.

We kill in war for our friends to give them life; while we freely give ours for our friend. No one has ever been to war and not returned wounded from the experience.

Make no mistake!

We gladly go to war; we are not cowards. We want to protect our country from men who would destroy our way of life. Then satisfy their evil desires with our families.

That’s why we give our lives for our friends.


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