Who is “Brother Ron”


Contact Information: rriedell@live.com

Advocate for Truth and a traveler in the eternal here and now. I am thankful for life and enjoy learning. I am one who knows, my gift is life; there are three things important to me.

  1. The gift of breath, without breath there is no life.
  2. Receiving unconditional love and being able to return unconditional love.
  3. The gift of communication with others; which is the ability to share thoughts.

What I know is only my opinion, what I say comes from within.

“I am a voice crying into the internet on a spiritual journey to the Divine Nature.”
The only surfer you can drop in on”


I intend no harm. Nowhere in any product review have I ever tried to deceive you. I cannot be held responsible if you have a different experience than my own. I am also, shockingly, not a doctor. I cannot give you any medical advice. I also live in a world that is in a constant state of flux. I cannot guarantee that any or all information on this blog will still be relevant the day you are reading it, though it will ideally be somewhat enjoyable. My blog expresses my opinions and my view of the world. I am not responsible for how you may preserve my view of this world or how crazy my world actually is. I am not responsible for comments posted on my blog by readers, although I do find them interesting/humorous and when people start bickering they become entertaining. If you feel I’m financially responsible for something due to my blog you have been sadly mistaken. This blog makes no money and I am only expressing my opinions of which I mean no harm. I am not a lawyer, a personal trainer, a super nanny, a priest, a pastor, a psychologist, a councilor, nor an Anthropologist.

You will see images of real everyday people who have real stories about everyday life.
Saying what is on their minds,  about society, space travel, religions, and themselves.


Brother Ron

I believe it is important to understand that I am here not by choice, that we are all, everywhere, in every place of our existence here without any choice of our own.

I am assuming a roll inherited to me by nature of my culture, geographic location, economic standing, and my sex (gender).

Technology changes as fast as the body, it is my belief that technology drives society not the humans that create it. The ability to adapt to the technology available in the present is the dividing point of the generations.Life Cycle Brother Ron

My roll as a Baby-boomer is fictional. Established by the imagination of others, I had no personal contact with or choice in the meaning. A lot of so called Baby-boomers or people my age are still recovering from the Viet-Nam war that divided a nation along with a sexual revolution that divided genders. A generation that is surviving a drug induced stupor that robbed them of life; while looking to sex for love.

Most Baby-boomers use technology on a limited basis for practical reasons and economy. With all that don’t forget; it was baby-boomers who invented the internet, Star Wars, personal computers and Viagra …  Updated : 20200320

© Ronald L. Riedell 2012, Call Up Brother Ron
All information provided on this page is for informative purposes only and is not binding. Ronald L. Riedell reserves the right to change information on this page at any time. Ronald L. Riedell will not accept liability for or guarantee the accuracy of the information contained herein.

  1. janette says:

    Some of this is over my head due to lack of spiritual education but for the most part very well written and beautiful piece on Marjorie. Yes she was a lovely woman.

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