Self Help LEGAL Research

“Looks like a Surfer, But is learning to think like a lawyer”


Self help legal research , “Justice for the Poor”.  I have listed free web pages  here for primary and secondary sources of information.
These Web Pages are provided for informational purposes and are not intended as legal advice, nor should it be construed or relied upon as such.

Legislative History and Intent

Research on Federal statutes and regulations

U.S. Government Printing Office


California Primary Sources


Archives/Legislative History


Current Legislation


Case Law


Local Los Angeles Case Law



Federal Primary Sources






Federal Case Law



Secondary Sources


California Courts Self Help


Los Angeles County Bar Association


Los Angeles Public Library


California State Library


CA Council of County Law Libraries


Cornell Law Library

Commercial Sources

Find Law


Public Library of Law


Miscellaneous Sources



US Government

The Blue Letter Bible

(This is the most useful site I have found on Bible Commentary, Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek.)


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