Posers and Maggots Page


I Brother Ron was a poser and a maggot just like some of you.

The trouble now is with the advent of the internet, posers are getting older and are harder to spot because they are getting good information. I can’t spot them by just looking. It’s not until they give themselves away by what they do and what they say.

Maggots will always be maggots, little want a bees with altitude that watch too many surf movies and listen to posers who play the role and look the part but lack The Way.

Being a surfer is not something you join. We are watermen who love the ocean. Surfers are in the world but not part of the world. Until you are a surfer you can never be one. Believe me many are called but few are chosen. A poser knows he is a poser.

Posers have their own tribes; posers are like magnets for other posers. Poser tribes actually think they are surfers. They wrongfully believe there is strength in numbers… and that mob rules.

To be continued…..


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