Rocket 314

3.14 is an irrational number (eternity) that represents Pi the distance across a circle times 3.14 or the circumference of a circle.

“Your piece of the pie” Not!

Make no mistake I am not here because, I am being rewarded for past behavior. I am a rebellious, prideful, and self – serving human who was sent here with others just like me.

No map, no compass, no directions, no past, no future, no way to care for myself, relying on the good nature of a woman to care for me until I learn to take care of myself.

As a man in this life, I am not entitled to anything other than a life of hard labor. My incentive is my need to survive for as long as eighty years if I am given the opportunity.

My purpose in this journey is to find myself, become born again and, to find my way back home reformed unstained by this world.

My body, mind, soul and, culture is a vehicle to encapsulate me and to teach me what I need to learn before I can return home.

PIE 314 rev2

“Breaking through the Facade”

    • My choices are made from opportunities presented to me, and by my talents.

Who I am is me, not who you think I am.

Circumstances outside of my control are not me.

In the beginning of my new birth I became me.

Life of learning without failure does not exist.

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.
Create each day anew, progress comes to those who train.



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