Brother Ron goes International

Blue Rage Surfboards

I posted the above picture on facebook, Blue Rage Surfboards put it on their webpage, and I have started to get email from all over the world.

My world is extremely vast; the earth I live in has an estimated surface area of 5,490,232,704,000,000 square feet. That is 196,935,000 square miles. Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is ocean, only 30 percent of the surface is land or 1,600,022,990,000,000 square feet.

To say I am International is true, but because there are 1,600,022,990,000,000 square feet of land on the earth and about seven billion humans living on it, I am only one little known man.

How many of those seven billion know or even care who I am? Maybe a hand full or two, and only in passing. They are just like me, busy living, eating, sleeping, and working. They are too consumed with daily life to worry about tomorrow or wonder who I am. I am just a novelty to talk about with friends.

I am encapsulated in a physical body limited by a short time span of 60/120 years and my travel maybe within a circumference of one hundred miles, with the exception of an occasional two-week trip to a different undisclosed location in some years. I am influenced by my culture and the sensors predefined within my body which are taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight from birth and nothing special.

I am not you and you are not me. We are unique congruent humans who can read, write, and share ideas.

By definition I am truly an international celebrity now because I am known in two or more nations. God works in mysterious ways and nothing happens by accident.

world map

the world


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