Are Angels Real

Are Angels Real

I am not aware of any angel that I have met personally, or seen.  With that said, I will not discount the fact that angels might exist.  Are angels real ? , “I don’t know”.


Angels are our fellow servants of God. They are warriors and guardians.

Some say Angels are our fellow servants of God because they were created by God. Not equal to, or greater than God. They are portrayed as warriors and guardians, forms of inspiration or executioners of calamity.

My first literary encounter with angels was in the Garden of Eden. The two angels with flaming swords that kept two humans from returning to God’s  Garden,  due to their disobedience to the rules: through their own exercise of choice and free will.

eye flaming sword

This is a metaphor or a story that is subject to interpretation. There are more unknowns than knowns in the story. The Garden story is an example of cognitive dissonance; we believe the story to be true because culturally  the people we trust told it to us giving the story credibility by the trust we have in the storyteller. With no way of verifying or authenticating the Garden story, we believe it to be true.

It is my understanding that these invisable angels are guardians who stand watch at the windows of my soul, that I perceive the world through; my own eyes.

I have one way communication through my eyes into the visible world. I can look out the window of my eyes into my perception of reality; however, my isolated thoughts cannot be understood by the visible world.

Flaming swords each held by unseen or imagined angels light the tunnel into the soul of men. As the light from the visible increases the pupil constricts or shrinks. As the light from the visible diminishes, the pupil enlarges.  Angels of the eyes appear to driven by emotion, not reason or logic.  My eyes pupils seem to be independent of my control.

I have noticed when others look at me their eyes unconsciously look toward one eye or the other.

eye 2 individual

It is my belief that when people do this, that they are telegraphing emotional unconscious signals to me.

eye 3


My guardian angel interprets the unseen signal sending that communication to my brain, unconsciously to me, whereby I get a so-called gut feeling.

A fear response to someone approaching me that I don’t know or distrust, will almost always result in a dislike signal in the eyes.

These are theories, not science, because they can’t be authenticated by controlled standards or any type of measurement. The results I get may vary from yours. The experimentation in this article is biased and is only my personal experiences.

With that said, the idea that angels are real is subject to individual interpretation.