Where’s the sign?

Police Bullhead city no id

I had mistakenly parked on the side of a highway with no posted signs to take some video for the “Call Up Brother Ron Show.”

Why am I reporting this? To inform my readers that this is not the land of milk and honey promised to Moses.

I felt at any moment the situation with the policeman and myself might have gotten out of control, I tried to remain as calm as I could. If it had not been for my lifelong friend; who defused the situation with her divine presence .Brother Ron may have gotten a ticket or went to jail.


My mistaken perception would have been impossible to change if it was not for the contrast of being with a beautiful middle class woman. Her concern for me was enough for him to see that I was harmless, change his mind, and let us go with a warning.

I am just an old man who has never cowered to authority or bullies, sometimes to my own detriment. As a result, I am misunderstood.

My purpose in life is to find my way home. To seek my father’s house in a land that is only a place of temporal residence.

The incentive I have is my belief that I will be taken care of by my father’s servants. Once I return home, I will be entitled to all the wealth in my father’s house.

This passing world is not my home. It is a war zone of posers and wannabes. Nothing here is real. From my entry, into this world I have been conditioned to believe a lie: “That I am a man.” “That my reality is a condition of my past.” “That the manipulation of my imagination is truth.”

Just as with the police officer who wanted to frighten me into compliance with the black uniform, weapons and the threat of the loss of freedom. People want me to comply with the lies they have been told by others.

The lie that I am a man permeates my temporal existence and my own imagination; conjuring up ways to manipulate me to take my focus off finding my way home.

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