I was Dead  Prologue                                  Book title Page PPT


My brother Ed died 1,930 Days later. About five years had passed from the first time he died, a young man of 64. My brother’s recent second death and his courage to accept death inspired me to share what life is for me.

My brother worked hard all his life as a carpenter cabinet maker and floor installer. He lost his right index finger on a saw.   His hands were strong at 64 and calloused from a lifetime of service to others. He was not an educated man, his ways were simple, he knew right from wrong and understood fair.

The home we call earth will suffer as a result of the loss of a good man.

After his brush with death the first time, I had an opportunity to get to know him and understand him a little better.

He told me there was no bright light or darkness in death from empirical primary information at the true return from death.

My brother Eddie standing in front of the hospital he died in twice