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I intend no harm in writing “ I was Dead.”  I cannot be held responsible if you have a different experience than my own.  I am also, shockingly, not a doctor. I cannot give you any medical advice.  I also live in a sue crazy world that is in a constant state of flux and change.  I cannot guarantee that any or all of the information in “ I was Dead” will still be relevant the day you are reading it, though ideally it will be somewhat enjoyable and entertaining. “I was Dead” expresses my opinions and my view of the world. I am not responsible for how you may perceive my view of this world or how crazy my world actually is. If you feel I’m financially responsible for something due to my book, you are sadly mistaken. The book makes little money and I am only expressing my opinions of which I intend no harm. I am not a lawyer, a personal trainer, a super nanny, a priest, a pastor, a psychologist, a counselor, or an Anthropologist. With that said, enjoy reading… “ I was Dead.”

When I do die, if you need to weep, weep for yourself, your brothers, and sisters who are still alive because death will come for you too.

     Ronald L. Riedell