Who told you that you are naked…

Posted: 2020/11/20 in Uncategorized

Cognitive dissonance … a baby in their innocence has no need for clothes. Were does shame come from? Were does fear come from?

  1. John T McIntosh says:

    Good question. Your answer is Cognitive dissonance? Interesting.

  2. A baby is a pure soul who has fogotten where he or she came from.

    The keepers or parents teach the baby with good intentions what they believe and have learned themselves.

    The baby in turn teaches the keepers unconditional love and humility through the keepers care and maintaining the baby’s health.

    The baby has no idea it is naked. Later in life the baby intuitively knows shame and by wearing clothes the pain of shame goes away.

    The question is does that pain of shame and fear come from within, or through what we have learned from our keepers and others

    • I considered the cultural variables i.e. nomadic tribal cultures and domestic cognitive dissonance and have no conclusive answer. However, in all cultures the genitals are covered which leads me the genitals are being protected not due to any shame. But through practical avoidance of injury.

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