Only Two Religions

Posted: 2020/11/13 in Uncategorized

Monotheism and Polytheism, one or many… why guess? Pantheism is universal, everything and everyone is their own religon.

Pantheism is the key to solving the religious jockeying for power and control.

No more fancy clothes, opulent buildings, or mandated days of worship.

No more books to follow. Speculation on how things were done in the past.

No more offering sacrifice to the unknown.

It is almost freedom from ritual unless you decide to impose ritual on yourself.

Boundries are imaginary agreements between people of the past that we can now disregard.

What an insightful Atlantian utopia it would be.

I am one of over an estimated seven billion souls here. Totally reliant on others outside my control for my survival.

My mental, physical, and spiritual weakness in the beginning when I got here was to teach unconditional love to people I didn’t know.

They in turn taught me to care for myself and filled me with cognitive dissonance from what they were taught.

I have spent a lifetime searching for truth. Trying to look past my birth. I have found no truth except for the unconditional love I found deep within myself.

As I continue to live… I am dispelling cognitive dissonance, romanticized ideas, and delusional thought to seek the truth and the divine nature. So far I have not found in any religon or boundary.

  1. John T McIntosh says:

    Remember Jesus is the TRUTH.

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