1964 Eve of Destruction

Posted: 2020/06/14 in Uncategorized

No one listened then, No one listens now… 56 years later.

The truth about, ” Eve of Destruction” fifty years later…

  1. Who knew? The song refers to being near the end of things that comes with the second coming of the Christ.

    “Eve of Destruction” is a protest song written by P.F. Sloan in 1965. Several artists have recorded it, with the best-known recording being by Barry McGuire.

    The song is a grave warning of imminent apocalypse, and considered by some to be the epitome of a protest song. It expressed the frustrations and fears of young people in the age of the Cold War, Vietnam, the nuclear arms race, and the civil rights movement.

    At the time the song was banned by some radio stations in the USA (“claiming it was an aid to the enemy in Vietnam”) and by Radio Scotland in the UK. It was placed on a “restricted list” by the BBC, and could not be played on “general entertainment”.

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