Captain’s Journal “ Ahoy Mates” Stardate 20200419 @ 0830 N 34 degrees W 117 degrees

Posted: 2020/04/19 in Uncategorized

ship never sail2


Ahoy mates! Just another day at sea. Sailing our ship the “NEVERSAIL” through uncharted waters headed towards an unknown destination. We have been at sea for about six weeks now.

I am Captain Ron, sailing our ship under orders of the President of the United States. The ship is a 1300 square foot single family dwelling commissioned about 50 years ago. I am with my first-mate and crew of five animals, plenty of space for our small crew to move around in.

We have provisions to last; however, not indefinitely. We are eating well now, experimenting with new recipes and rationing our provisions as much as possible.

This cruise is so unique, I have decided to log the experience.

  1. John T McIntosh says:

    Amen Ron! Sail on with the Lord!!

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