Come in naked and leave naked

Posted: 2020/03/08 in Uncategorized

Come in naked and leave naked



I was in deep meditation, thinking about life.  Captured in a picture at Dead Tree Ranch near Palm Springs California by my daughter.

At 66 years old I am heading toward the end of my life with no regrets.  Life for me has not been easy or trouble free.  I have been shot at, cut, stabbed, almost blow up, had surgery that almost killed me, I had a son die to crib death, I had a debilitating stroke, Almost drowned, and that is what I can share with you.

My guardian angel has had to work overtime to watch over me. My children taught me unconditional love and humility. I am thankful to be living and for everything in my life.

One thing I came to realize is that no one gets out alive, and no one takes anything with them when they leave. Come in naked and leave naked.


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