20200204 20/20 Vision- Looking at the Present…

Posted: 2020/02/05 in Uncategorized

Brother Ron

I am a so called Baby-boomer generationally. Not by choice, but by the circumstances of my birth. Fit into a box of pre-established rules, norms and roles shown to me by people I learned to trust.

I believe it is important for me to understand that I am here not by choice, that we are all, everywhere, in every place of our existence here without any choice of our own.

I am assuming a role inherited to me by nature of my culture, geographic location, economic standing, and my sex (gender).

My role as a Baby-boomer is fictional. Established by the imagination of others who I had no personal contact with or choice in the meaning.

A generation is arguably 20- 50 years apart. A father, a son, a grandfather, and a great grandfather each have a predetermined designation as a group. All may exist at the same time.

With that said, a whole group of souls with no foundation have believed who they are; is what they have been told and established by others before they arrived here.

Technology changes as fast as the body and it is my belief that technology drives society, not the humans that create it. The ability to adapt to the technology available in the present is the dividing point of the generations.

A lot of Baby-boomers are still recovering from Viet-Nam that divided a Nation along with a sexual revolution that divided gender and surviving drug induced stupor that robbed them of life; while looking to sex for love.

Most Baby-boomers use technology on a limited basis for practical reasons and economy. I have not forgotten: it was baby-boomers who gave me the internet, Star Wars, personal computers and Viagra …

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