1,930 Days… To Live.

Posted: 2020/01/19 in Uncategorized

I stopped writing the Newsletter primarily due to my own laziness but more importantly to live my own life. My Brothers recent second death and his courage to accept death. Inspired me to continue to share. A little over five years from the time he was brought back to life until now. about 1,930 Days…

My brother worked hard all his life as a carpenter cabinet maker and floor installer. He lost his index finger on a saw. but his hands were strong and calloused from a lifetime of service to others. Not an educated man his ways were simple, he knew right from wrong understood fair.

The home we call earth will suffer as a result of the loss of a good man.

After his brush with death the first time I had an opportunity to get to know him and understand him a little better. I would like to take the liberty to share some real adventures and dispel any fear that you might have about death and dying.

  1. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to learning more!

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