Newsletter 20150830 The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part four – As a School Age kid

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Proverb of the week:


“He who knows himself, knows everyone.  He who can love himself, loves everyone.”

Saint Anthony (c. 251-c.356) Egypt


Spiritual Considerations on the Life of Saint Antony the Great

This manuscript is an Arabic translation of a work on the life of Saint Antony, the early Egyptian ascetic, originally written in Latin. The work was translated by a Maronite priest named Alexander “for the benefit of those who seek perfection in the Christian religion.” It is made up of nine “considerations” or “contemplatio616x510

Saint Antony the Great (circa 251—356) was a prominent leader among the Desert Fathers of 3rd-century Egypt and is regarded as one of the founders of Christian monasticism.


Contents this week

Proverb of the week:

Story of the week:

“  The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part four – As a School Age kid “

By Ronald L. Riedell

 “Quote of the week”

Change in Posting Day:

This is a note to let everyone know that the posting day for this blog will be on Sunday nights once a week.  God willing I hope to be consistent but with that said, I know myself and will do the best I can to post interesting and entertaining content consistently once a week so you can read it on Mondays…


Story one

 The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part four – As a School Age kid

Continuing my story from last week as a pre-school kid, this week as a school aged kid. So far I have been socially conditioned to feed myself, dress myself, go to the bathroom by myself, and most importantly to listen and obey adults.  Subjected to corporal punishment I learned early on through the sting of being physical contact it was easier to do what I was told then to suffer the consequences of non-compliance.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized it was for the benefit of my mother that I used the toilet it was because it saved her set upthe work of changing dippers and washing them.  I might also mention at this point that I grew up in a house with two brothers and a father and for the most part men are poor aims when it comes to hitting the water in the toilet.  I learned that through the pain of corporal punishment the toilet seat was to remain up.

The sooner I was socialized the sooner I could attend the state mandated schools, thereby, relieving my mother of several hours a day of babysitting me.

I became enticed to work at a very early age.  My first job was washing the famibuffalo_215ly dishes for $.05 I would save up until I would have enough for a model.  ( Revell Plastic model for at that time $1.25 )

I could never buy the battleships I really wanted because the cost way more then I could ever save for.  Again, compromising for the less expensive models I had already learned at a younger age.

My grandpa put me to work mowing his lawn and painting a fence.  He always bought my art and framed it.  However, I hated mowing lawns and painting fences.

I like most kids was influenced by television we had and old black and white console television that never got good reception.

My favorite shows were Combat, and Mc Hales Navy.

I never saw any of these in color.

combatmc hales navy

captan kanrueecaptan kanruee1bev hillbillydavy crocketrobinsonssupermantwilightzonewizard of oz excreta… ect… ect…

My generation grew up with images sent into our homes by people we never knew.  Television would change my life and the course of history forever through the projected images of fiction.  Advertisers could sell products to unsuspecting audiences of innocent minds.  Product placements, subliminal messages, and political agendas could be brought right into my living room without permission other than my silence, which was interpreted as my acceptance of their agenda.  Of course as a minor, I had very little choice in what was being watched or aired over public airwaves.

I was being shaped into the mold of whomever I identified with.  Positive or Negative role models because I spent more time channeled into the nonexistent representations let us call actors than I did talking to real people.  I imagined myself to be an officer in the Navy.  Barbrella was my first love.

Jane Fonda

There is so much you say at this stage I want to take a little more time to explore it.  Therefore, next week will be a continuation of the school age years.


Quote of the week:

To know yourself means that you must guard yourself diligently from everything external to you; it means

respite from worldly concerns and cross-examination of the conscience.  Once you come to know yourself a kind of

super rational divine humility suddenly descends upon the soul, bringing contrition and tears of fervent compunction

to the heart. Acted upon in this way you regard yourself as earth and ashes (cf. Gen. 18:27), and as a worm and no

man (cf. Ps. 22:6). Indeed, because of this overwhelming gift of God, you think you are unworthy of even this

wormlike form of life.

Nikitas Stithatos

On the Inner Nature of Things and on the Purification of the Intellect:

One Hundred Texts


Brother Ron (1953–Present) is a self-taught, American surfer, artiest, author, teacher, and philosopher.ron2



 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.

Nephilim                                                                                                         Genesis 6:4

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Genesis 6:5

As it was in the days of Noah,  so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.


Matthew 24:37

BR Voive of an Outsider Newslettr

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