Newsletter 20150909 The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part One – As an Infant

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“A mother never thinks her baby is ugly.”

you think me beautiful



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Proverb of the week:

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“The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part One – As an Infant”

By Ronald L. Riedell

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This is a note to let everyone know that the posting day for this blog will be on Sunday nights once a week.  God willing I hope to be consistent but with that said, I know myself and will do the best I can to post interesting and entertaining content consistently once a week so you can read it on Mondays…


Story one


The truth about living in America with a lower middle class family Part One – As an Infant


No one chooses where they are born, when they are born, who their parents will be, or even how they will look physically.  Some are born into a life of privilege, while others are condemned to a life of hardships by the very circumstances they were born into, and by the fact they are there…  How this selection takes place and why, is beyond my understanding and not within the scope of this article.

At age 62 I vaguely remember my infancy, however it is bizarre how I do remember bits and pieces of being born. Opening my eyes for the first time I seem to remember the green all around me and people moving about a room. Then the pain of a slap to my body, on to the circumcision, not as a part of any religious ceremony just tradition.  .

I was born on Tuesday at 9:32 pm, November 17th 1953 AD in Hawthorn California. The hospital is no longer there, it is now a mental intuition. I wonder if that means anything?  Oh well back to the story.

I was born into a German Jewish family of wealthy roots. That makes me a member of the so-called privileged class by birth, not choice.  My grandfather a wealthy stockholder came from Germany and my grandmother was from Wales they both, immigrated to America and lived in Long Island, New York until the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, my grandfather lost all his money he had invested in the stock market when the market crashed. He was one of the few who unsuccessfully tried putting money into the market to save it from collapse.

Keeping it real, according to my father when he was alive, told me that grandpa  died shortly after the collapse of the stock market by suicide.  He had jumped out of a tall building as so many others did during that time.

As a infant I had the advantage of living with both my parents which is rare in the United States today, because the divorce rate is 50% for the first marriage and subsequently  higher for second marriages.

Otto and Margerie Riedell

My father God rest his soul grew up on the streets of Chicago with my grandmother.  Joined the Army Air Corps then flew 69 missions over Germany . Was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during World War ll by the president of the United States the highest metal awarded to an enlisted man serving in the armed forces for his bravery in battle.  He never talked about the war except in those rare moments when tears were running down his eyes and then so briefly that I knew he didn’t want to talk about it. I know from my own experiences  that feeling, it is even hard for me to write this. No one who has seen battle ever survives. Only those who know will understand. But this is something I will share later in another post.

otto army air core

My mother God rest her soul was a beautiful woman who spent her life caring for her family. She never learned to drive, walked everywhere she went.  A deeply religious woman who prayed for me all time. It was my mother who feed me, changed my dippers, took care of me when I was sick. She transferred her knowledge into me so that I could survive in the world.

My father worked as a Air Frames and Power Plant mechanic for North American Air Craft Company.  My family lived in a middle class suburb called Hawthorne in California about 3 miles from the ocean and 15 miles from Los Angeles.

I am a true, native born and raised Californian.

Next week the story continues with Part two – As a Toddler.


Quote of the week:


we are all of us called to carry the law

of the Spirit written on the tablets of our hearts (cf. 2 Cor. 3:3), and to attain like the Cherubim the supreme privilege

of conversing through pure prayer in the heart directly with Jesus. But because we are infants at the time of our

renewal through baptism we do not understand the grace and the new life conferred upon us. Unaware of the

surpassing grandeur of the honor and glory in which we share, we fail to realize that we ought to grow in soul and

spirit through the keeping of the commandments and so perceive noetically what we have received. On account of

this most of us fall through indifference and servitude to the passions into a state of benighted obduracy. We do not

know whether God exists, or who we are, or what we have become, although through baptism we have been made

sons of God, sons of light, and children and members of Christ. If we are baptized when grown up, we feel that we

have been baptized only in water and not by the Spirit. And even though we have been renewed in the Spirit, we

believe only in a formal, lifeless and ineffectual sense, and we say we are full of doubts.

St Gregory of Sinai

On the Signs of Grace and Delusion,

Written for the Confessor Longinos


\Brother Ron (1953–Present) is a self-taught, American surfer, artiest, author, teacher, and philosopher.



 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.

                                                                                                         Genesis 6:4


And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Genesis 6:5

As it was in the days of Noah,  so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

BR Voive of an Outsider Newslettr


Matthew 24:37

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