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“For the angel of the Lord guards and rescues all who reverence Him.”

Psalm 34:7

Gardian Angel 

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“”Angel in the Road” by Benjamin Riedell


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Mottel Baleston


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Story one


“Angel in the Road” By Benjamin Riedell

Driving to Kentucky with Brother Ron or my dad as I know him allowed us to have many discussions and adventures together. I want to share something I thought about:

Does God alter events in our lives good or bad?  And if so how does the almighty reach his powerful hand into our world from a place only he could tell you.

Whether God does or not I believe is dependent on the perspective of the one being affected the most, ones self.

Faith is what draws Christians to Christ and lets’ face it our lives revolve around ourselves, so to have faith in someone or something is a big deal, especially if we never experience any miraculous deed of which the Bible tells us so.

Church Holy Days 6-12

That being said, in my own humble opinion if you’re a Christian and you believe Christ has looked upon your life and made some coincidence happen, then indeed it is so. An example of Gods hand in my life came in the form of an angel.

This angel did not have the wings or beauty of the ones I have heard about growing up, but instead was just an ordinary man.

If the circumstances that I will describe shortly did not occur, I might have passed him without a second thought or maybe even a negative one.

My angel came to me in the form of a state trooper,   he selflessly pulled a metal pipe out of the road with superhuman strength and impeccable timing with oncoming cars and trucks just seconds away…

Now for the story.

After driving for over 15 hours with little rest on a trip due to a major life changing event for me with my dad, I seen Gods hand in my life. It was in the form of police car lights. Red and blue flashed behind me and closed the distance quickly. I was not speeding and no faults that would warrant a pull over, but none the less I slowed down and the officer thankfully sped pass me.


Moments later I seen the patrol car pulled to the side of the road with the door open and the officer in the middle of the road and what happened next is why he was my angel sent from God himself to affect my life.

In the road, crossing both lanes of of the two lane highway, was a steel pipe about 8” in diameter and I seen my angel lift the pipe and toss it with a strained effort to the side of the road. By the time I got to where he was it was cleared from my path and I waved to him my thanks. Had this angel not did what he did, putting his own life in danger, no telling what would have become of me or my dad would we have hit it, or seen it in time to stop only to be rear ended by the semi following behind? Or would it have ended all ok?

That will never be known because I believe an angel sent from God spared me that from happening. It also made me think of the saying, “Do unto each other as you would have be done to you.”

So I hope that I have been someones angel and if I haven’t yet, I really hope I will someday claim that unknowing touch from God in someone else’s life.


Written by Benjamin Riedell

Video worth a watch:

Mottel Baleston



Quote of the week:


St Paul speaks of Satan himself being ‘transformed into an angel of light’. Rather, it is when we do not think about such things at all, and perhaps do not even believe that they occur, that they do in fact happen, if received for the common good. We can gauge our attitude by asking ourselves whether we have any desire to experience such a thing, even in a dream, or would attach great importance to it if it were to happen, or would behave as if we did not know anything about the state in which we found ourselves. For the true angel has power from God to reassure even the intellect that repudiates it and to make it receptive. The demons cannot do this; but when they see an intellect disposed to receive them, only then with God’s consent they appear to it. If the intellect is not thus disposed, however, the demons depart, chased away by the guardian angel given us at holy baptism, since the intellect has not surrendered its free will to the enemy.


Evagrios the Solitary

Extracts from the Texts on Watchfulness

2015-02-27 17.59.08Brother Ron (1953–Present) is a self-taught, American surfer, artiest, author, teacher, and philosopher.

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Genesis 6:5

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