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Proverb of the week:

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’  I do not agree.  The wounds remain.  In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens.  But it is never gone.”

― Rose Kennedy

rose Kenney

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Proverb of the week:

Story of the week:

“The beginning of time” Written by Ronald L. Riedell

“Quote of the week

Story one


The beginning of time

Here is something to ponder during our wait for the 14th of Nisan, Friday, April 03.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The meaning of “Beginning” is by definition the place where, or time when something starts.

Beginning also suggests there is an end.

Brother Ron has been alive, as I far as I know, for almost 62 years.  Being honest with myself, I know very little about the world I live in.  I am limited to the information   I was and am exposed to by my geographic location and associations.  Therefore, what I say I know is limited to my existence and experiences.  Everyone, including me, looks at life from his or her own perspective.

There are 7.5 billion people on the planet with 6500 spoken languages.  Mandarin is the most spoken having 1.2 billion speakers.  I know very little Mandarin.  Therefore, it is obvious that there are things I will never know if they are only known in the Mandarin language.

The one thing I know for sure is that I know very little about the world and other cultures in it.  How can I know what I do not know?

What is the beginning?  If time is eternal, the beginning is an arguably a point on a time line. If the beginning is in eternity, where does the beginning begin or end, and how can time exist in eternity?

eturnal Here and Now


Is birth the beginning or the end?  Is death the beginning or the end?

Speaking about the beginning, it just so happens that the 14 of Nisan, Passover, or Good Friday, will fall on the first, full moon during the spring equinox.  Every year around the 20th of March, The day is the same for everyone no matter what language you speak as long as you live on earth and can see the sun and the moon.

The beginning becomes time, within human standards with measurable increments of movement provided by the sun and the moon. With time expressed by the sun and the moon, I can know seasons for planting and harvesting as well as holidays.

The moon has 28-day cycles every month from full to new; 12 times a year.  An equinox occurs twice a year, around 20 March and 22 September.  The oldest meaning is the day when daytime and night are of approximately equal duration.

During an equinox, the Earth’s North and South poles are not tilted toward or away from the Sun, and the duration of daylight is theoretically the same at all points on Earth’s surface.

Passover is set in the sky by the Sun and Moon every year.

In the beginning, who knew? I guess God did.

O by the way….For your enjoyment

FYI (The Quartodeciman controversy arose because Christians in the churches of Jerusalem and Antioch in the Roman province of Asia celebrated Passover on the 14th of the first month (Aviv) or Nisan, while the churches in and around Rome changed to the practice of celebrating Easter on the following Sunday calling it “the day of the resurrection of our Savior”.  The difference was turned into an ecclesiastical controversy.)


Quote of the week:

Do not pass your time with people engaged in worldly affairs or share their table, in case they involve you in their illusions and draw you away from the science of stillness. For this is what they want to do. Do not listen to their words or accept the thoughts of their hearts, for they are indeed harmful. Let the labor and longing of your heart be for the faithful of the earth, to become like them in mourning. For

‘My eyes will be on the faithful of the land that they may dwell with me’ (Ps. 101:6).

If someone, who lives in accordance with the love of God comes to you and invites you to eat, go.

Saint John Chrysostom

BR Voive of an Outsider Newslettr


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