Newsletter 01/21/2015 Thinking Outside the Box

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Proverb of the week:

“The days of our years are seventy, and of the most valiant eighty years, yet their strength is labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away”

Contents this week

Story of the week:

“Think Outside the Box” Written by Ronald L. Riedell

“Quote of the week

Story one

“Think Outside the Box”

Jamie at elemers grave2

As I ponder the saying,”Think Outside the Box”, the saying implies that I am inside a box.  Did I die, or am I dead, that I need to think outside the box?  Is there a void around me or is the void within me?

In my way of thinking the saying means that creativity is clouded by the traditional and proper way of doing things, where everyone including myself is taught the same things in the same way. I voluntarily allowing myself to become trapped inside a prison of self-induced slavery by my own closed mind.

How difficult it is for me to break through the facade of learning?

How do I cross over the bridge of change with an unfettered mind into the spiritual life?

From my birth, my mother at times taught me with violence and unkind words to use the toilet.  It wasn’t until I had kids myself I realized why my mother wanted me to use the toilet.

dirty diapers

Not so I didn’t have to sit in dirty diapers, it was so my mother didn’t have to change them. My learning to use the toilet was a mandatory form of social conditioning that enabled me to function in society, keep the world population safe from disease, and save her a lot of work.  I am speculating that it was to save her a lot of work…

With that said, how many other things am I taught to benefit others? Eating healthy?  Who benefits from my health besides me?  My employer, my family, the insurance company when I stay out of the hospital.

My mother was the one who benefited from my learning to use the toilet.  Just as others sometimes benefit from my learning to do things inside the box.

set up“In an all boy family mothers teach their boy’s to keep the toilet set up. Because little boy are hard to train and are poor aims” (LOL)

“Thinking outside the box”, is risk management based on educated guesses.  Think about it, where do jet fighter pilots or astronauts go to the bathroom?astronut

I guess NASA engineers think outside the box.





Quote of the week: 

In the whole range of evil thoughts, none is richer in resources than self-esteem; for it is to be found almost

everywhere, and like some cunning traitor in a city it opens the gates to all the demons.

St Isaiah the Solitary

BR Voive of an Outsider Newslettr


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