Newsletter 01/14/2015 “Know who you are”

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Proverb of the week:

 “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.”

Contents this week

Story of the week:

“Know who you are” Written by Ronald L. Riedell

“Quote of the week

Story one

“Know Who You Are”

Here and now is all I know. I have a shirt that says,” So far this is the oldest I have ever been.” No matter where I go I get a smile from people I don’t even know. Because it is true.

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Time is relative to the prespective of my own point of view. I can, through my own imagination, go into the past or future. But what I encounter in the case of the past is a distorted view of what really happened. My future is a personal persective  based on my own beliefs and world view experience by me or taught to me by others.

How do I get to know myself? Who I am?

All I know is that I am here and now and that I know nothing at all. How can I know what I don’t know?  My birth is only spectulation from years of social conditioning drilled into me by well meaning people who I have learned to trust.

Was I really born, or did I  journey through a darkened cavern where my memory was erased to learn reliance on others. The more self reliant I become, the more I realize that I need others.

Am I a part of a whole? (No pun intended)


Quote of the week:


All of us, from birth up to the age of twelve, uncritically allow our senses to be controlled by the objects of sense-perception, because our power of discrimination has not yet been purified. We let our senses obey sensory objects as if they were the masters; our sense of sight is controlled by things visible, our hearing by sounds, our taste by flavors, our sense of smell by odors, and our sense of touch by physical objects. Because we are children, we cannot   discriminate between the various things we perceive or offer any opposition to them. But when our judgment starts to mature and. we become aware of the harm we are suffering, we at once begin to think of rebelling against this slavery and escaping from it. And if we continue firm in this resolve, we can escape from these cruel masters and remain forever free.

St Isaiah the Solitary

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