Newsletter 12/10/2014 “The Gift”

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No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.

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Picture of the week

Proverb of the week

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  • “The gift” : Written by Ronald L. Riedell

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Story one

“The Gift”

The internet is just a bunch of on, off circuits, ones and zeros regulated by time and programmed by humans.  Our emotional attachment to the internet is a sign of our own humanity and our need to belong to something greater than ourselves.


Internet Map

Two things I know:  first, it took millions of minds to create the internet.  Second,, I know I am not the creator, only the benefactor.

With that being said…. The Internet is a “gift from God” that facilitates communication, Pope Francis said in a statement released Thursday, but he warns that the obsessive desire to stay connected can actually isolate people from their friends and family. 

Brother Ron agrees with Pope Frances.

I believe the internet and technology can be a tool to witness to the world the good news that G-d came to earth in the flesh.

Some will argue that the internet robs us of privacy and takes away rights.  To them I say you are right.  However, if they want my Social Security Number or any information about me it has been public record beginning with my paper birth certificate, drivers license, marriage license, elementary school records, and any legal or military action I have been involved in.

If they  want to destroy me, they do not need Facebook or social media to do so.  Using social media is just a faster and easier way to obtain the same information.

I have been around technology since the old FORTRAN and Edlin days, when programmers were, and still are, innovators.

I know Dos, HTML, TCP/IP, Networks, and believe it or not, I understand Proportional, Integral, and Derivative loops for process control and have taught it to folks who did not know where the “X” key was on the keyboard.  I can address end devices, set up clients on servers, and address binary switches for process controllers.

I have forgotten more then most will ever know.  I say this not because I am prideful, well maybe I am?( LOL), but because technology has afforded me the opportunity to gain access to information that in the past ten years would have been impossible for me to get without lots of travel and a endless bank account.

Guess what?  Brother Ron loves to travel, but I lag behind in the banking area.  I think I know more than I really do, because information is so easy and fast to get directly from the internet.

What is a library? I have a smart phone.

My grandkids can text with two fingers faster than I can type, and they certainly do not need me; they have the internet to answer questions.  I am obsolete until I text them with some profound information along with a link to authenticate what I said.

I forgot my cell phone yesterday while going to Los Angeles on the train.  There were forty people in the car I was in and all of them except me had their electronic devices in use. Even the blind person next to me was listening to something on his iPod!

I counted nine times that I went for my phone that I did not have.

To stay connected in our time you need a cell phone.  Infrastructure is still being developed for the internet; networking and marketing are still an art form with no absolutes.  The internet is the wild, wild, wild, west(WWW)  be careful out there. The internet is either a fountain of knowledge or a sewer of filth.

I can surround  myself with filth, get sick and blind, fall asleep alone, groveling in the mire of pride and self pity or I can climb the ladder of divine assent and share what I find so others too can find their way.

It is my choice, I can either connect or disconnect to the internet and the world. As for me,  I have connected to the internet, if you are reading this, you have too. Why should I hide my light ?  I need others to either help and encourage me, I am my brother’s keeper and the living flame of love is for everyone to see.



Quote of the week:


I was born with two eyes and one tongue, to see twice as much as I say. However misdirection and slight of hand can trick the eye and prompt the imagination into believing a lie. When I speak only I know the intent of my own words. You might be mistaken by my actions believing that what I say is what I mean. Therefore l cannot know anyone but myself because my actions are a result of what I want you to believe. How dare I judge you.

Brother Ron

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