Newsletter 12/03/2014 Adult Sexual Content in this issue

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This issue of the Newsletter contains adult content that may not be suitable for everyone.  Please enter with the knowledge that the information is controversial and may be offensive to some.

“He who is without sin let him cast the first stone”

Picture of the week


Proverb of the week:

“Don’t change your mind just because people are offended; change your mind if you’re wrong.”


Picture of the week

Proverb of the week

Story of the week:

  • Take Me to Church : Written by Ronald L. Riedell

Quote of the week

Story one

“Take me to Church”

My 38 year old son asked me to listen to the lyrics of this video, then watch the video.

Take me to Church

Here is the visual Video

The song in Brother Ron’s opinion is very emotional and moving. I am not a music critic or a judge of anyone except myself.

I am saddened by the young people’s perception of the church.  Through no fault of their own, my generation, the baby boomers have failed them because our fathers failed us.  Most of them view Christians as hippocrates who say one thing and do another.

I belong to a generation lost in space. The widow’s mite is being given to civil courts and lawyers to protect servants of the church who should have known better.

In addition, her money is going to pay restitution to their victims.

He who is without sin cast the first stone…. I myself will not be throwing stones anytime soon.

The real tragedy is that there are over a billion Christians who will suffer resentment because of a few.

The song “Take Me to Church” brings a message that not all is well, and that we all need to pray for our Church.


Quote of the week:


If you find yourself hating your fellow men and resist this hatred, and you see that it grows weak and

withdraws, do not rejoice in your heart; for this withdrawal is a trick of the evil spirits. They are preparing a

second attack worse than the first; they have left their troops behind the city and ordered them to remain there.

If you go out to attack them, they will flee before you in weakness. But if your heart is then elated because you

have driven them away, and you leave the city, some of them will attack you from the rear while the rest will

stand their ground in front of you; and your wretched soul will be caught between them with no means of

escape. The city is prayer. Resistance is rebuttal through Christ Jesus. The foundation is incensive power.

Evagrios the Solitary

On Guarding the Intellect Twenty-Seven Texts

BR Voive of an Outsider Newslettr


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