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1. Adventure in Vegas – Ronald L. Riedell
2. Seeing is believing- Drawing a Cartoon -Written by Ronald L. Riedell

Proverb of the week

Quote of the week

Story one

Adventure in Vegas


Every year G-d willing, I go to a convention in Las Vegas. This year it was at one of the newest hotels on the strip. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful hotels on the strip Brother Ron has been in.

For three days, I am immersed in legal training given by men and women who, in my opinion, are the world-class leaders of the legal profession. There were over three thousand attendees at this three-day event.
The attendees were down to earth good people who were there to share information and learn from each other.

The real adventure was my walks to and from the conference. It took me about a half hour to walk about a mile from the hotel I was staying at to the conference.


In the mornings there were people sleeping on the street. Litter was strewn everywhere, drunken women in short dresses carrying their high heel shoes hurrying to find their way home. No one smiled or said hello and a few had cups in their hand asking for change.


Workers were cleaning up with machines, putting out tables and chairs for the next evening.

One would never guess there was any kind of trouble in the world by the number of people walking down the strip at night.


At night, people were out in force, from all over the world and from every lifestyle. People were spending money on expensive gifts, drinking, and gambling as if there were no tomorrow.

To find G-d in Vegas Brother Ron would guess might be impossible for a visitor because of the facade, lights, and people. However, for the ones who live and work there, day in and day out, that is another story.

It is not hard to see the hurt and disillusionment in the people’s eyes. The saddest thing I saw was an off duty server still in her uniform playing a slot machine early in the morning.

It is a different adventure in the morning walking the strip. Early morning Vegas, however is the true Vegas. Where smelly, dirty streets are filled with people begging for money and hurrying to go somewhere.
The television ads and magazines keep this Vegas from us.

Only a few of us ever see this reality. What hurt me emotionally the most was my own reactions to the perceived misery in the streets. Here I was enjoying a conference in a hotel where one night’s stay starts at $325.00 a night, with the wealthiest and most well educated segment of the population on the planet earth.

How do I rationalize in my mind the extreme poverty, walking over people laying in the street, witnessing crime, for the sake of education. Yet, I am ashamed to say that I guilty of this.

I am a miserable sinner unworthy of salvation yet like the woman caught in adultery the lord said to her,” Go and sin no more.” I am not sure if I sinned but the sight of hurting people lying in the street convicted me.

I will sin again, not because I don’t care, but because I am weak. If not for the mercy of G-d, I would be lost.

Story 2

Seeing is Believing

When I think of a cartoon, I think about Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. Icons are not painted, they are written and copied. With that said, I draw freehand the image that I want to write. In the past outlines that look similar to modern day, cartoons were drawn on sheets of paper and traced onto the boards. Primarily to get the same proportions on the board as the last one.


Proverb of the week:

A chattering bird builds no nest.

Quote of the week:

Fast before the Lord according to your strength, for to do this will purge you of your iniquities and sins; it exalts the soul, sanctifies the mind, drives away the demons, and prepares you for God’s presence. Having already eaten once, try not to eat a second time the same day, in case you become extravagant and disturb your mind. In this way you will have the means for helping others and for mortifying the passions of your body. But if there is a meeting of the brethren, and you have to eat a second and a third time, do not be disgruntled and surly. On the contrary, when you have eaten a second or a third time, thank God that you have fulfilled the law of love and that He himself is providing for you. Also, there are occasions when, because of a bodily sickness, you have to eat a second and a third time or more often. Do not be sad about this; when you are ill you should modify your ascetic labors for the time being, so that you may regain the strength to take them up once more.

Evagrios the Solitary
Outline Teaching on Asceticism and Stillness in the Solitary Life

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