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Picture of the week

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1. Entertaining Angels Unaware- Ronald L. Riedell / Brad Huckins
2. Excerpts from “The Path”… – Written by Maharaj Charan Singh
3. What is an Icon… -Written By Ronald L. Riedell

Proverb of the week
Quote of the week

Story 1
Entertaining Angels Unaware


The following was circulating around the internet:
A quiet Surprise
An Angel went to watch over you last night, but it came back.
I asked “why” The angel said, ”Angels don’t watch over Angels.”

My nephew wrote the following story on Facebook

Brad Huckins
Yesterday at 6:26pm •

Had a not so decent day today, but as I was driving home I saw an elderly women on the side of the road, and something inside me said pull over.

So I asked if she needed help and noticed she had a flat tire, I told her I would be more than happy to change it for her.

She insisted that it was not necessary, but me being somewhat charming I told her what would my mother and grandmother think if I didn’t offer to help someone in need.

As I changed her tire, she held an umbrella over me to keep the sun off me. We talked as I was changing it. She was very sweet and told me about her life and her kids and grandchildren.

I could not help but think of my grandparents as I talked to her.

I was finishing up and a police officer pulled behind me to see if we were ok, Mildred explained to the officer the situation and the officer thanked me for helping.

When I was about to leave, saying goodbye she gave me a hug. I was all covered in sweat and asphalt. She told me thank you and said, “Your mother raised a compassionate man.” to which I replied I would hope that someone would help my mother or grandmother if they needed it.

While walking away she said one last thing to me, which still has me shocked, she said “KCCO”(Keep Cool and Chive On), then got into her car and left me still standing on the side of the road with the biggest smile on my face with this incredible warmth in my heart.

I will remember Mildred for the rest of my life.

Brad was undoubtedly an angel to Mildred.
“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
Heb 13:2

Story 2
Excerpts from,” The Path” as promised.
2014-07-31 08.01.37

This world has never been a paradise; nor can it be one in the future…

Christ says in the Bible, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter – in- law against her mother-in-law.(Mathew 10:34-35).

This means: I have not come to turn this world into a place of bliss and happiness, but I have come to release human beings from the prison of this world. I have come to break the chains of attachments to father, mother, son, daughter, friends, and relations, and thus take people out of this cycle of repeated births and deaths…

Castes and Creeds

The Lord has no creed, religion, or country. He has no caste or color. The Lord that created the world is neither black nor white…

When the sun has no caste or creed, how can its rays have any? When a fire has no caste or creed, how can its flame have any?

God created man, and did not create sects or creeds. Man is responsible for their appearance on the scene. It is we who divide ourselves into narrow circles of caste, religion, and countries, and sow the seeds of strife, discord, and dissension…

When the final settling of our account has to take place, on one will care to ask which caste or creed we belong…

No one will be interested in your caste or creed in the Court of the Lord. It is His worship alone that matters and enables us to merge into him. At the place where our accounts are to be settled, no one will ask as whether you are a Hindu, a Sikh, or a Muslim, or whether you come from India, America or Africa. It is only your love, your devotion, your intense longing that matter…

“The Path”

Story 3

Seeing is Believing
What is an Icon

An icon (from Greek εἰκών eikōn “image”) is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting.
Throughout history, religious cultures have been inspired by images, whether they are for instruction or inspiration or simply applied as ornament.

The icon is generally a flat panel painting depicting a holy being or object such as Jesus, Mary, Saints, Angels, or the cross. Icons may also be cast in metal, carved in stone, embroidered on cloth, painted on wood, done in mosaic or fresco work, printed on paper or metal, etc.

Proverb of the week:

There’s no need to fear the wind if your haystacks are tied down

Quote of the week:

I entreat you not to leave your heart unguarded, so long as you are in the body. Just as a farmer cannot feel confident about the crop growing in his fields, because he does not know what will happen to it before it is stored away in his granary, so a man should not leave his heart unguarded so long as he still has breath in his nostrils. Up to his last breath he cannot know what passion will attack him; so long as he breathes, therefore, he must not leave his heart unguarded, but should at every moment pray to God for His help and mercy.

St Isaiah the Solitary
On Guarding the Intellect

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