A Command is not Voluntary

Posted: 2014/05/23 in Uncategorized

In western thought the duty of humankind has always been to keep the commandments in the form of laws, both in nature or natural laws, and in codes or statutory laws like the Ten Commandments.


In contract law an illusionary promise is sometimes called a suggestion. The one making the suggestion has no obligation or duty to follow up on what is presented.

The illusionary promise that comes to my mind is the suggestion that eating the fruit from the tree of good and evil will not harm you. I have at times been enticed my own desires; it is possible for me to imagine how easy it would be to act on the suggestion that I could live forever. Unaware that my advisor will bail and then accuse me of acting on my own volition or fee will.

A command is not volitional on the part of the recipient; there is a consequence for disobedience to a command. There is no consideration necessary for a command to be binding. Due to my status there is a duty to perform prior to a command being issued, I do not have a choice to perform, if I choose not to perform depending on the jurisdiction, it could mean unpredictable consequences.

I was thinking about G-d’s commandments. How my status as a creation subjected me to the commandments. There is no contract or agreement, I am a slave under a master slave covenant. The rules are that I must fear G-d, and keep his commandments.

My choice is either to follow the rules or suffer the consequences, just as when I was a child under the jurisdiction of my parents. My parents were under no obligation to give me a choice in anything I did. However, I learned quickly that the more I complied with their will, the more input I was given in matters that affected me. The suggestions I made were not binding, but at least they were considered.

My spiritual journey in the eternal here and now is limited by my choices. Choices I make by my own free will. I can accept the suggestion of council or listen to the voice of reason that is innate within me.

The consequences of my choices are what I will have to live with, the good choices move me closer to the spiritual well-being I desire. The bad choices bring me further away from enlightenment; they bring self-doubt, loneliness, and depression.

It is not until I learn to forgive myself and others for the bad choices I made that I begin to live again. I wake up from a self-inflicted stupor that has crippled me and left me behind those still on the path to enlightenment. I build strength by, fearing G-d, and following his commandments.


Here is another little gift.

A new monk enters a monastery.
“I have just entered the monastery, please teach me“.
The elder monk asks the new monk.
“Have you eaten your rice?”

The new monk replies.
“I have.”
The elder monk tells the new monk.
“Then you had better wash your bowl.”

At that moment, the new monk found enlightenment.


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