I am what I am

Posted: 2014/05/16 in Uncategorized

Walking down the street in downtown Los Angeles, I fear no evil because I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley.  (LOL) I go places few would consider safe without fear. It is not that I don’t fear because I am some badass, I don’t fear because I have come to know myself, if I project something bad happening then something bad will happen.


If I accept what happens as G-d’s will for me, then what do I have to fear? Why fear? G-d will give me a way out, a way to resolve the situation or he will take my life, it is that simple.

I have come to realize the best defense is awareness and avoidance, I try not to put myself in situations where I need to defend myself.

What I do fear is losing my relationship with G-d. Separation from G-d is by definition hell.

All that I have come to believe about G-d and about myself is based on my perception of love. The love I have for myself, primarily my primordial instinct for self-preservation. The people in my life helped me learn love. For example:

The first love was for my mother, who through proximity and close contact nurtured me until I could take care of myself. The second love was for a girlfriend who understood me and cared about me. The third was for my wife who trusted me and relied on me for my potential strength and ability. The fourth was for my daughter who gave my life meaning, dedication, and purpose and who taught me unconditional love. and lastly the love for my granddaughter who wants to learn from me and accepts me as a friend for no other reason than I am her mother’s father.

I assume a roll in the game, son, lover, husband, father, and grandpa, which I project to them.

Who you say I am might be the projection of me through my own conduct, what I have said in the past about issues confronting me, and the dress of my culture.

I form a lasting projection of me, which I believe is me. I am becoming the person I see in my mind’s eye. A simple projection of a preconceived idea I have about me.

I know that I am the center of my universe and can never be the center of yours. I am a creating in me by choice, a person who I want you to believe is me. If you love me it is only by your own choice.

wander Brother Ron rev2 transpantcy

This is my Avatar that was drawn by my granddaughter, a virtual representation in the imagination of a twelve year old. This is who I am to her.

  1. Jamie Overgaag says:

    Yes my avatar made the cut!!

    Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 02:29:30 +0000
    To: jamieovergaag1@hotmail.com

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