The New Consciousness lives in art, embodies art, is ART.

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The New Consciousness lives in art, embodies art, is ART

The Game is over
The game is over

We live in the post- environmental age, there is a new consciousness coming. People are afraid of the ghost in the machine; artists are taking up cameras delivering mind bombs into living rooms of the technological society we live in. Technology and survival is the new consciousness. The Post -Environmental world Consciousness in coming to an end. It is unfortunate that the technically weak are resisting the change that will come to be without their help.

Is that truth?

What is truth?

My imagination leads me to misguided acts of delusion that harm my conscious. Because each time I act on self-righteousness (my understanding), I lose sight of G-d, forgetting I am only a creation myself, not the Judge.

As I journey through life, I have come to realize my perception of truth is only that my perception, based on what I have either experienced or learned to be true in my reality. Everyone, all 7.5 billion, have not learned the same thing or gone through the same things I have.

It is my belief that some people are offended by my saying things that I perceive to be true. Just as I am hurt or offended when I hear people saying certain things, I believe to be untrue; others are hurt or offended by me.

Sometimes I feel as if in my own mind that people hate me or do not want to be around me because of the truth, as I perceive it. My imagination carries me to a place called vainglory in which I think I am right and thankful that I am hated for the truth.

In reality, it is my own prideful nature that has through my imagination deceived me into believing that I am right that I am hated for truth.

What can I do?

Answers are never the full truth because if there is more than one it cannot be true.

My questions seem to lead down a path of self-discovery. Answers only confuse me more so if there is more than one. Who can tell me? What is truth? Can you?

  1. jamie says:

    i love you

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