Alithos Anesti (“Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! ” – “Truly He is Risen!”)

Posted: 2014/04/23 in Uncategorized

Christos anesti (Christ is risen)

The Passover Seder is in G-ds wisdom a perpetual commandment for the remembrance of the Passover. One time a year on the 14th of Nisson, we are to tell the story of the salvation G-d did himself at the exodus in Land of Egypt when he passed over the homes which had the blood of the lamb marked on the doorposts.

He passed over the houses that had the blood of the lamb on them and did not kill the firstborn child in that house to convince Pharaoh to free the slaves living in Egypt.

G-d came to our world again in flesh and walked among us.


At the Last Supper or Passover Seder G-d had transfigured his body and blood into the sacrifice of the lamb at Passover. After the Last Supper G-d’s own the death on cross and the resurrection is to be remembered forever and is beyond my understanding. I keep Seder as a way not to gain some kind of favor with G-d, but as a way to be thankful for all G-d has done for me. By me telling the story of Passover and the Transfiguration my children learn about the G-d I love and are enabled to tell their children about him forever.

Alithos Anesti (“Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! ” – “Truly He is Risen!”)


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