Holy Week

Posted: 2014/04/16 in Uncategorized

This week from Sunday, which was Palm Sunday, is Holy Week throughout the Christian church. Unlike years past because of calendar issues Holy Week fell on different days, however, this year Holy Week and Pascha or Easter fall on the same day for everyone. This makes Brother Ron happy to see the church united.

Here is a story of an Easter Miracle that happened to me.

I while praying I asked G-d to allow me to find one hundred dollars.

Volunteering at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Los Angeles on my normal day a person who I didn’t know from one of the venues taking place at the Cathedral came up to me and asked if I knew where she could take these meals for the homeless. I was hungry myself and asked if I could have one. The value of the vegetarian meal was approximately $18.00.

After leaving the Cathedral I went to the Japanese Museum, today admission was free a $9.00 value.

Yesterday I went to a symposium on Drones and NAS spying in America at the Western State College Law School. While getting out of my van I dropped my money wrapped in a vegetable rubber band and it was still there when I returned from the lecture. I had over $80.00 in it.


I found the one hundred dollars that I had asked for and more. It wasn’t the way I had expected to find it but G-d works in mysterious ways.

Usually I don’t ask for anything for myself but out of curiosity, I gave it a try.

I had inadvertently tested G-d’s mercy I got what I asked for and more although I know better than to test G-d. G-d knows what I need before I ask.

Here is a video my friend Jimmy sent me, the video is a group of Nuns with the voices of Angels a Holy Week gift for you.

Jimmy was an Army veteran during the Korean War. He refused arms but volunteered as a medic on the front lines of Korea. His unit was highly decorated and recently received thanks from the people of the Korea for his service.

Jimmy is an example of a true man with the mark of a warrior willing to give his life for a friend never asking for anything in return. An example of a true Christian willing to sacrifice his own life for what he believes while serving a country he loves. I am blessed to know him.

Enjoy the video.


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