What is in a day?

Posted: 2014/03/05 in Uncategorized

Last Monday was the Coptic Orthodox Churches beginning of Lent. This Monday started the Eastern Orthodox Churches Lent, and today is Fat Tuesday, or as some call it Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday in the Roman Catholic Church.

In Brother Ron’s opinion, the Catholics got it right with Ash Wednesday. They gave the rest of the world a day before lent to party. Everyone, saints and sinners alike, make fools of themselves for a day. Not many people have never, heard about Mari Gras and Ash Wednesday. They may not know why they are partying, but at least it gets them together.


My question is, “If there is only one G-d and only one Jesus, why are there so many days for Lent to start?”

Lent is a fast that marks 54, 47, or 45 days before Easter or Pascha. (Passover) This year, Easter happens to fall on the same Sunday for all Christians, Sunday April 20.

The 14th of Nissan is the marking of the spring equinox, which everyone can agree with because the days start to get longer.

Passover is remembered as the day G-d passed over Egypt and killed all the first born. G-d made one exception that if anyone killed a baby sheep or lamb then placed the blood of the lamb, on the doorpost of the house, G-d would pass over the house and kill the first-born in your neighbor’s house.

Sound gruesome? It is, and dead serious. The intent was to free the slaves in Egypt who were crying out in prayer to G-d because of the mistreatment by their masters the Egyptians.

After the killing, the slaves left Egypt. G-d commanded that the slaves remember that day as the day G-d passed over Egypt as a perpetual Holy Day once a year forever. I see that day not as a day G-d freed them, but as a day G-d freed me.


I am a slave to my own desires: Surf, Sex, and Suds, not by force, but by my own free will. My overseer is my own desires and the disconnection from the Divine Nature. I do and say things that unintentionally hurt other people and myself.

I myself am in no need of the “x” on my doorpost. I do not want to hide from death or G-d. I know that death will come to me and I want to open the door to G-d, so that when I open the door although I may die to this passing world, I may live life here and now in the presence of G-d.


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