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One of Brother Ron’s favorite trips while downtown Los Angeles is the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum (FIDM).

Right now through April the “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design” exhibition is going on. Costume Designer and FIDM, Alumna Trish Summerville who won the Distinguished Costume Designers Guild Award for Fantasy Film. The costumes created by her from the movie,” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire “are currently on display in the FIDM Museum.


Several other designers from the movies have costumes on display as well.

Brother Ron is amazed by the emotions released by just the costumes alone. The mannequins wearing the costumes are lifeless forms with emotionless faces. Yet the costumes are somehow able to project fear and awe in me just from the costumes they are wearing.

There is something about a costume that triggers my imagination. I wear a costume myself in the clothes I choose. I project the image of me that I expect to be received by others. Others see my projection based on their experience and culture. I then become that projection in their mind.

The more I think about costumes, the more powerful they become in the way they are able to change the behavior of the viewer. For example, the uniform of a nurse or a police officer have become a cultural symbol in the United States. If I am sick or in need of help, usually I am glad to see the uniform of a nurse or police officer because, I assume the person wearing the uniform has a special skill or training that I need. On the other hand, if I am going to get a shot, or if I did something wrong, the uniform represents authority due to the culture I was raised in and the uniform compels me to comply with or fear the person wearing the uniform.


When I close my eyes, I open a door that allows me to see myself for who I am. Like looking at a mannequin, somehow, I am able to trigger a void that consumes my reality and my mind takes me to a place of the unknown. I go to a place where costumes have no influence and I am on my own with myself.

  1. Jamie says:

    Is this the muesum that i went to? By the way I really like the ending under the picture. Plus i really like the picture and the edit!!

  2. Thank you for your feedback I enjoy your comments

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