The Rosetta Stone

Posted: 2014/02/20 in Uncategorized

The Rosetta Stone is a stone of black granite, bearing three inscriptions: the upper text is Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Coptic, and the lowest Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts with some minor differences, the stone has provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The Rosetta Stone was made public in the early 1800’s and is being housed in the British Museum.

Who really knows why the Rosetta Stone is inscribed with three languages?

Similarly, the cross of Jesus the Christ was inscribed with three languages Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, “King of the Jews” labeled at the top. People, who passed by, many who could not read, saw the three languages and assumed this was someone important.

As I close my eyes and seek the Divine Nature, I have found what might be the Rosetta stone hidden deep within my consciousness; the stone is my own heart. Showing me the way to find what I seek.

My heart, by listening to it, gives me understanding of myself, showing me in different ways to not to be afraid of what I am or ashamed of who I am.

Teaching me to be a warrior brave and fearless in the eternal here and now, I do not rely on the myth of freedom that cowards through fear and terrorism have instilled into me a false sense of well being.

My heart like the Rosetta Stone is inscribed with thoughts. These thoughts Like parables, are saying the same thing in different ways.


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    This is one of my favorite posts. Great work!

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