The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Posted: 2014/02/12 in Uncategorized

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

I can see my inner man’s depth, the soul, or the conscience, by simply closing my eyes.

The reason I close my eyes is to comprehend the depth of my spirit, which passes all knowledge, so that I might be filled with the fullness of G-d.


I can become enlightened when I see the external me in the mirror and get an idea of what I look like or how others see me in the visible world of creation.

When I close my eyes, only then I can perceive what is inside of me, the depth of my soul and the void of the inner world within my containment.

As I look deeper into my containment, I realize there is an unexplainable void. I have ignored this void all my life because I did not think it was important or for fear of what I might find.

In seeking the Divine Nature, I must confront this void or dark inner space that lives within me.

If any of you know or hear what this inner space might be, please help me understand.


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