Sage Fisherman

Posted: 2014/02/04 in Uncategorized

Sage Fisherman

While on a road trip to Crystal Cove, California, I saw a guy catching fish with the same equipment I was not catching fish with.

I was using the same bait as him so I decided to ask him what his secret was.

I introduced myself as another fisherman; at first he was a little apprehensive but soon opened up to me and started talking. Fishing is like surfing; surfers don’t like new surfers coming to their break because they get in the way.
The first thing he told me was, “It’s not luck, you make your own luck”.

He went on to tell me that he visualizes catching fish; when he throws his hook in the water he visualizes a fish biting the hook.

You need to understand the fish you want to catch, why they are there and where they are. The seabass are big but they come in close to eat, just past the break.

He showed me the bait he was using, then how to put it on the hook.

I came there a stranger and left a friend. As I was walking away he said, “It’s all good”. I took that to mean the fun is in the journey, not in catching fish.

He gave me a lot to think about, not only about fishing, but about life.

While talking to him I thought someone took my bag with my bait and pliers in it. I had accepted that they were gone. When walking back I noticed they were higher up in the sand, like someone saw them being near the water and moved it up higher on the sand to prevent them from getting wet or taken out to sea.

My first thought was negative because of my lack of faith and assumption that someone would take it. Probably because I would have taken it due to the fact, it might have been forgotten or abandoned.


The primordial instincts within me are continually battling the Divine Nature.

I want to think the best of people and myself. It is my own lack of faith that prevents me from trusting what happens is for a reason.

I met a Sage Fisherman who was in the right place at the right time who could have been sent by God and lost the moment because I was worried about a burlap sack with a pair of five-dollar pliers in it thinking the worst of others.


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