Posted: 2014/01/22 in Uncategorized

Whale Protest1

We live in the greatest country on earth. In San Diego this last weekend protesters were out in numbers standing at the entrance to a world famous tourist attraction waving signs and yelling at people with their families going into the park, impeding traffic and the flow of commerce.

The people of San Diego rely on the tourist industry for their survival. The San Diego tourist industry is the third largest in the county, and therefore critical to the region’s economy, supporting businesses and jobs.

Employs directly and indirectly over 160,000 San Diegans and generates more than $388 million annually in state and local taxes.

People are so frustrated with things outside of their control that they are willing to risk their own freedom and destroy the economy that supports them. However, it was exciting seeing that many people waving signs and yelling.

For the most part the protesters stay in hotels, eat at local restaurants, and are tourist themselves. They provided entertainment for passersby like me.

Whale Protest2

The people who were going to visit the park, visited the park regardless of the protest and will have a cool story to tell their friends when they go home.

As far as the message the protesters were trying to convey, in a couple of weeks something new will take its place and no one will remember why they were there.

The only person I can change is me. The only people I can influence are the ones who respect me. There is little chance for me to make a big change in a world of seven point five billion people, but that is what makes this country so great at least I have the opportunity to try.


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