You never know to whom, you are talking

Posted: 2014/01/15 in Uncategorized


While filling in for the Cathedral tour guild who had called in sick I had the good fortune to meet a monk on a field trip to the Cathedral.

One of the people I had on the tour seemed to be very knowledgeable about the bible so I asked him if he was a priest. He then admitted that he was a monk from Alaska.

The monk was from a monastery in Alaska, relocating to a Franciscan Monastery in Northern California.

I told him about the trip I am planning” Pilgrimage to Shasta “seeking the Divine Nature.

I asked him what he thought the Divine Nature was. He told me that the Divine Nature was the presence of G-d. The divine presence is all around us in everything and everyone. Just because someone does not recognize or believe does not mean the presence is not there. We can see the Divine Nature in the acts of a person, not by what they say.

We talked for a while after the tour it is my that believe he was sent as a way to encourage me as I prepare for the trip.


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