Walk on Water or stay on the boat

Posted: 2014/01/07 in Uncategorized

Do not work on things you need to improve, work on things you are good at and get better.

If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.

The above video has inspired Brother Ron for over two years. I meet Colin at a Digital Video conference in Pasadena. He is a young guy who made his dream a reality.

For some reason the video was taken down you can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNT9F_xuIuw

I believe for me, passion and an idea are what I need, the rest will come.

Brother Ron is planning a road trip in Spring 2014 to Mount Shasta. I am planning now and G-d willing will go during lent.

The road trip will be up the California coast from San Diego to Eureka, surfing, and visiting monasteries as a spiritual renewal for me. I plan to video the trip while visiting Franciscan Monasteries in different denominations and doing a little surfing along the way, ending in Platina, California at an Orthodox Christian Monastery.

Defining the Divine Nature as it is taught in those denominations will be my focus. The trip will be called,” Travel with Brother Ron ” . Next year, G-d willing, maybe some of you can come with me?

Here is a preview of the Vimeo Page where I hope to post the trip.


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