The Blind Man shows me how to cross the river.

Posted: 2014/01/03 in Uncategorized

Ask a blind man how to cross the river that he has never been across himself and you may never make it across the river
Although it is comforting to ask someone about a journey, before going on it, especially to a unknown area, it can be dangerous following a guide who has never been on the path before.

LA Archives

While at the Los Angeles Hall of Records today, I found myself being a guide. Because I had been there before, people were asking me questions about the procedure for acquiring records. I knew little, but more than most.

I was there to find an exhibit entered into the court record in a 1960 case involving the LAUSD. Unfortunately, the records were lost. The sad part is, I had been there two weeks prior and made copies of the records except the ones that I was unable to read.

Guess what? Records I did not copy the first time because they were illegible, were the exhibits I was looking for.

The Central Stockroom of Depositions & Exhibits sends a blue copy over to the archives department; The Archives people make copies of them and put them on microfiche records.

Not only was I unable to read the record because it was washed out, but they might have been pictures or drawings that I would have no way of seeing anyway.

I became the guide for the poor souls who were there for the first time. They were happy to get whatever information I had because they had none.

People are starving for spiritual information; too many blind guides point souls in the wrong direction with good intentions but lack real knowledge or experience. Today I was like a blind man leading the blind, the dangerous part was that only I knew I was blind.

I live in precarious times where ignorance is no excuse. I seek the truth and the Divine Nature. I am not a guide I am a seeker with sixty years of experience.

We need each other to find the truth. It is my belief we must live the truth in order to find it, then lead by example so others can follow. I have searched all my life for an example, some come close but they all seem to fall short, as do I.

G-d never fails, it is why I am here.

Jacobs Ladder


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