Where‘s the Map?

Posted: 2013/12/13 in Uncategorized

Where‘s the Map?
world map

Is the church today a type of resource or a map to find my way before going on a journey after I die?

Does the church define the journey? Is the church a compass for finding direction before I die? Is the church an Ark floating in my neighborhood, closed up for the storm, with her doors latched to keep out the storm?

There are literally billions of different answers to these questions. Brother Ron is trying to find the divine nature and is starting in the church to find help on my journey before I die.

A friend told me,

“Without morals goes the church, without the church goes the world.”

Sometimes I think the church is just a rehab center for people waking up from a drug-induced stupor or filled with people looking to be feed by children who are looking for a meal themselves.

I need to give my eternal soul every opportunity to find the truth.

What is it to find the divine nature? What is the Divine Nature? Is finding the eternal here and now living in the presence of g-d being born again the divine nature?Does G-d’s choice come to exist in my containment as it is in the visible ?

I am is all I know, here and now. When I sleep I am not or don’t know where I go. After finding the Divine Nature what will happen to me?

What will happen to the three S’s Surf, Sex, and Suds. Can I still drink beer? Can I still surf? Will I be able to have sex?

What will it cost me? What will be required of me? How long does it last? Where can I find it?

Brother Ron goes to church


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