Indonesian Surfer

Posted: 2013/10/24 in Uncategorized

Brother Ron found this GoPro video on the internet for those of us who have never surfed Bali.

What draws me to the ocean makes me who I am. The ocean is filled with creatures that could kill me in seconds. It can inflict me with pain or drown me just as fast, yet for some reason I keep returning.

I have respect and reverence for the ocean because I realize it is more powerful than I am. I am humbled by the reality that I am powerless in its presence. Surfing requires brute strength and technique to get past the break along with clearing your mind of all the things in the water, which if given the chance will try to kill me.

The clearing of the mind is truly the draw of the ocean for me. I can be here and now in the present moment.

As I seek the Divine Nature it is important for me to remain in the present because nothing else seems to matter, in the present is where I can truly love myself and others.

Enjoy the video. The video is a little over seven minutes is a little long let me know if it was worth watching.

  1. Jamie Overgaag says:

    I think that you picked a great pic!!! 😊

    Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 02:05:11 +0000

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